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Information on the submission of stories to Story Soup Kids

Terms of use and copyright information

Story Submissions:

Story Soup Kids excepts stories from children, ages 17 and under. Please email your stories to stories@childstoryhour.com  and include your first name and age only. Children, ages 13 and under, must have parents permission before submitting a story through email.

All stories become the property of Story Soup Kids .

We will do our best to post your story on the Story Soup Kids web site. All stories will be posted on the site for a minimum of 1 month but may remain on the site for a longer period of time.

We reserve the right to not post stories if we feel they are inappropriate for the Story Soup Kids Website.

Terms of Use:

Most of the contents found on this site are for personal, public school or homeschooling use only and are not available for commercial use or reprint. This would include, but is not limited to, the stories, recipes, coloring pages, and craft projects.

All main content is subject to the Enchanted Corner Copyright and/or trademark policy, with all rights reserved. This would include, but is not limited to, Logos, Website Title, submitted stories/jokes/recipes and items found within our Grocery list area.

All clipart has been purchased with a license to use and is Copyrighted by:
Billy Bear's Storybook Clipart
Loraine Wauer

Some of our content is gathered from various places, with known public domain content, and as such, are believed by us, to be of public domain.

We do not mean to, nor intend to, infringe on any copyright.  If you hold a copyright to any item on our site and have legal proof of your right to demand removal please email support@childstory.com  Once verified, the item in question will be removed immediately.

Many of our stories are gathered from the The Project Gutenberg, an informational site offering out of copyright writings.

If you have a question as to content, or use of content, please email us a support@childstoryhour.com  prior to taking it from the site.

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The Vision

The vision for this site is to help encourage children to use their imaginations and be more creative.

What better way then through books, story writing, cooking and crafts? All of which you will find on the site.

Children are also able to submit their own stories, build upon a story outline, and participate in many other activities on the site.