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Activities: You and your kids

Life can be hectic some times but we should not sacrifice spending time with our kids and enjoying seeing them growing up for the sake of our careers. Any time with them is precious! It can be a walk, reading a book or a board game during these cold winter nights (or a summer evening while sipping some home made lemonade!!). OK, we have all done that numerous times, is there any thing else out there that we can do that’s doesn’t require spending a small fortune or long hours? And let’s not forget the “being fun” part! Well, come to think of it, education doesn’t have to be boring!
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Children are naturally curious. They want to constantly experiment and try new things. But if all this experimentation is not under supervision it can lead to accidents, severe or not.

These projects make great activities for a rainy day, family time and for home school activities.

Caterpillar Book Friend

Items you will need:
Construction paper
Marker, pencil or crayon
Tape or glue

What to do:
Cut a circle out of the construction paper. Draw a face on it. Post it on your wall.

Every time you read another book, make another circle and write the name and author of the book.

Then tape/glue it to the first circle (head).

Do this every time you read a book or have a book read to you. See how fast your Caterpillar friend will grow.