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Dairy products are food from the farm that came from pasture and coop.

Milk from cows and eggs from hens are part of the dairy group.

How do you make a milk shake?

A: Give it a good scare!



Stir until Done

A great selection of recipes for kids.

 Wash your hands before you eat. A good health rule that's hard to beat. For better work, for better play, eat three good meals, every day.

Safety Tips for Kids in the Kitchen:

1)  Children should always work in the kitchen with the help or supervision of an adult.

2)  Always use a cutting board when chopping or slicing.  When cutting, cut away from yourself.  When you set the knife down, set it down with the blade facing away from you.

3)  Never use a wet potholder.  A wet potholder gets very hot, very fast.

4)  Never leave a pot on the stove with the handles hanging over the edge.  Turn them in so you don't bump them when you walk by.

5)  Always unplug any kitchen appliance, such as a mixer, before you clean it.  When pulling the plug, pull the plug itself, not the cord.

6)  Always let mixers, blenders or food processors come to a complete stop before you put anything in the bowl to scrape the sides.

7) Clean up messes as you go.  This is especially important if you spill on the floor.  You don't want to slip and fall.

General Tips for Kids in the Kitchen:

1) It is very important to always wash your hands before working with the food.

2)  Read the recipe first.  Get all of your ingredients together, then start making your recipe.

3)  Clean up as you go.  This helps you to keep track of where you are in the recipe and also makes it easier to clean up when you are done.

4)  Never put knives in a sink of soapy water.  Set the knife next to the sink with the blade facing away from you.

5)  Remember to turn off the over or stove as soon as you are done with it.

Some important cooking terms:

Beat:  To mix hard with a whisk, spoon, or and electric mixer until smooth.

Drizzle: To pour a thin mixture, such as melted butter or thin icing, over food in a very fine stream.

To Core:  Removing the stem and seeds from the fruit or vegetable.

Grease:  Cover the bottom and sides of your baking dish with shortening or vegetable oil.

Knead:  To mix a dough with your hands.  You push the dough down and away from you, turn it over and repeat several times.

Sautee:  Cooking in a small amount of butter or oil over a high flame.  You must be careful not to burn it.

Simmer:  To cook over a very low flame.  The liquid should have small bubbles coming gently to the surface.

Toss: To thoroughly combine several ingredients by mixing lightly.

Whip:  To beat hard and fast, usually with an electric mixer.

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