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Read the Soup Stories Submitted by Story Soup Kids:

* Gorillas
* Scarlet the Hippo
* A Child's Life/
* Friends
* Grandma's House
* The Great 

* Happy Cat and the

* Happy Ever After
* A Kitten Named Twinkie
* Lenny the Penguin
* The Monkey and the Cap Seller
* Niagara Falls
* The Nice Loving Family

Story Soup

Do you have a story that you have written and would like to share with others?  We would love to add it to our site.  Just email us your story and include your first name and your age.

All stories placed on the site for public viewing will only contain the child's first name and age.

Become one of our Story Soup Kids. 

Using the provided pictures, make up your own soup story about them.  All submitted stories will be published on the site for the month of September, along with the pictures. 

Each month we will put up a new set of pictures for you to create a new soup story.

Use your imagination, and most of all, have fun.

Email your finished story, along with your first name and age,  to stories@childstoryhour.com then stop back by to read your own, as well as stories written by other kids too!

Soup Story Pictures for the Month of December

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