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Welcome to Story Soup Kids! We specialize in kid’s stories and have a lot of treats for you. In this site you will read a book, read a poem or write a story . Cook up your own Recipe and send it to us. In our do a craft section, you will find plenty of craft projects to help you create some wonderful things. Last but not least, our Parents Section has plenty of advice and tips for busy parents.
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Sprinkles    Sprinkle on a rainbow of colors in our coloring pages, or get shaking with laughter in our jokes section.  Looking for a game to mix it up with?  Look no further than our game section.


Pasta Letters
Past Letters In our Pasta Letters area you will find a variety of things to see and do.  Come and see what the Pasta letters have spelled out! Learn  American Sign  Language -- Read  poems  that are All About  Food -- Holiday Poems  and Stories -- Letters and Numbers  Poetry -- Nature  Poems and Stories -- Nursery Rhymes -- Sing-Along  Songs with Music and more


Soup Story
Creative writing is a great way for you to learn how to express your imaginative ideas through stories.
Here at Soup Story Kids, we give you the opportunity to create your own story soup and submit it to us for publication on the SSK site.

Stir until it's done
Stir Until Done - Children's Cooking Recipes Stir Until Done, our kid friendly recipe section, has safety tips for kids in the kitchen and a great selection of recipes that are easy enough for anyone to make.
Holiday Recipes * Breakfast Recipes * Dessert Recipes * Drink Recipes * Finger Food * Main Dishes * Edible Clay Recipes * Homemade Craft Recipes *

Peas & Carrots
Peas and Carrots is our Parents Only Scetion EAT YOUR VEGGIES! The perfect place to hide information for parents. What child would actually be interested in this section?