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How to Get Dad Involved

How to get Dad involved in Home Schooling
By Brandy “Aunt B.” Strouse

How to get Dad more involved in home schooling your children? This is a common question that is asked among many home school groups. Most home school families are primarily taught by the Mom in the home. I love to hear when people say that Dad teaches certain subjects that he is strong in and Mom teachers the other subjects. For those of you who live in a home where Mom is the main teacher and Dad is either not involved much or not enough. Here are some ideas on how to get Dad more involved.

Take Dad to the local/state conference or local support meeting. This will show Dad how much is involved in home schooling. Most Dads are surprised when they go to the local/state conference and there are so many Dads there. The vendors and speakers will help expand Dad’s mind to what home schooling is all about.

Mom and Dad sit down together and choose what goals you want to set for your child for the following year. Dad might have different ideas then Mom. Dad might even add some extra curricular ideas to that goal list. Such as; Goal: Tom will be able to change the oil and a tire correctly by himself by the end of the school year.

Have Dad pick out a subject or two that he will be responsible for. This does not have to be book subjects like Math and Science. This can be the extra curricular subjects; auto mechanics, gardening, sports/physical education to name a few.

Include Dad in Bible. Whether you have Bible time in the am or pm. Dad can read the bible to the family and ask comprehension questions. This will grow the whole family.

Include Dad in as many field trips as you can. If that means you have to wait till the weekend to take field trips, then you do. Dad will watch his children learn while spending quality time with them.

If Dads work will allow it, Dad can take your child/children to work maybe once a semester or every couple months. Depending on what Dad does, your child can learn many different things from this field trip.

Have a monthly “School Board Meeting.” Gather your family around the table once a month and as Mom reviews what they have learned and the children can show off samples of their work. The children can recite poems or read a short exert of their favorite book they enjoyed in the last month. This is also a good time for the children to be able to share what they liked and disliked the month prior. This is a good time to discuss fieldtrips for the following month. Maybe, Dad can put them on his calendar to join the family. Dad will enjoy seeing his children grow each month.

Hang a few new assignments on the fridge or wall for all to see. Change them weekly to show improvement.

Theme dinners are always fun. If you are studying the Civil War have a Civil War theme dinner with food cooked from that time era. Have oral reports given on this night. You can even dress the part. This will be great review for your children and give Dad an idea of what you have been doing for the last few weeks.

Does Dad read the newspaper? Have him share that time with your children. If your child is not old enough to read, Dad can read an article or two to him. If your child is old enough to read then Dad can share an article or two even a whole section with his child. This is a wonderful way to encourage reading in your child and Dad to be involved with your child’s schooling.

These are just a few ideas on how to get Dad more involved in home schooling. Even if Dad is involved in home schooling try out some of these ideas. You will cherish the time your family has spent together.

© 2005 Brandy “Aunt B.” Strouse
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