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Patchwork Flowerpots

Patchwork Flowerpots

Flowerpot (clay or plastic; wide-mouth jar or plastic food-storage container)
Fabric (brightly colored cotton fabric is best; or use colored papers such as gift wrap)
White glue
Decoupage varnish or you can use clear varnish or clear shellac


1. Be sure flowerpot or other container is clean and dry inside and out. Cut pieces of fabric or paper of different sizes and colors. Overlap and glue pieces down all over pot. Fold over and glue down pieces on inside rim to a depth of about 1/2". Also glue pieces onto the bottom surface of pot. If pot has a drainage hole in bottom, do not cover it. Trim any hanging threads.

2. When glue is dry, brush on a coat of varnish or shellac. (You can make your own "varnish" from white glue thinned with water; it will be clear when dry.) Varnish the inside of a terra cotta clay pot as well as the outside, to keep moisture from seeping through to the decorated surface. After the first coat is dry, brush on a second coat to give a glossy finish. Be sure varnish is thoroughly dry (at least overnight).

3. Add your favorite plant.

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