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My Kids Walk All Over Me

My Kids Walk All Over Me Shirt/Apron

Fabric Paint
Paint Brush
Childrenís Feet
Fabric Pen (Black)
T-Shirt (light color) / Apron
Baby Wipes (to make cleaning feet easier)
Card Board to place inside the shirt.

First assign a color to each child in the family. Next, paint the bottom of each child's feet with this color and have them walk on the shirt. They may only get one foot print at a time so make sure to take your time. (Use the baby wipes to wipe off extra paint from your feet)

Do one side then wait till dry and repeat on the other. If you are making an apron you only need to do one side. Your whole foot print does not need to be on the shirt every time you make a print.

Once the shirt or apron is dry, go back with either with Black Fabric Paint and a steady hand or with a Black Fabric Pen write My Kids Walk All Me! Also, you can write real small next to one foot print, per each child, their name so that Dad and otherís know whose foot belong to whom.

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