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Hydrangea Plant

Hydrangea Plant For Mom

Hydrangea Plant For Mom

Pine Cone
Purple Tissue Paper (can be different shades)
Small craft stick
Small Flower Pot
Fake Green Leaves
Brown Construction Paper

Hot Glue Gun**
**Anywhere Hot Glue is used please have an adult place the glue**

Ball up newspaper to fit in the bottom the flower pot.  Make sure the ball does not show over the lip in the flower pot. **Hot glue the ball of paper into the pot.

Next, cut out a piece of brown paper to cover the newspaper, set this aside.

**Hot glue the pinecone on the brown paper. While that dries cut the purple tissue paper up into little squares.

Put some glue in a shallow dish or lid.  Start at the bottom of the pinecone for the next step.

Using the small craft stick, wrap a square of purple tissue paper around the stick and dip into glue. Use the stick to help push the paper into the pinecone layers. Once you have done this all over, you will have a purple pinecone. You should not be able to see much of the actual pinecone.

**Hot glue leaves all around the bottom of the pinecone to over flow over the side. Now, glue onto the top of the paper in the pot.

Use a marker to write your name and date on the bottom of the pot.

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