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Muncha Buncha Lunch

Main Dish Recipes

Grilled Pizza Sandwich

2 slices bread
1 tablespoon tomato sauce
1/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1 slice ham
1 slice salami

Butter one side of a piece of bread. Place it in a skillet, butter side down.

Spread the tomato sauce on the bread. Place the meat slices next then sprinkle with the cheese.

Butter one side of the second piece of bread and put it on the layered side, butter side up.

Cook on low heat, flipping the sandwich over when the first side is golden brown. Sandwich is done when both sides are golden brown and cheese is melted.

Muncha Buncha Lunch

Muncha Buncha Lunch
is the nickname of a kid
who eats everybody's lunches
that aren't locked up or hid.

If you ever turn your back on him
for even half a minute,
when you turn back to your lunch box,
that ole Muncha Bunch is in it.

He eats chips and grapes and
pears and soup and sandwiches galore.
And when he's done with all of that,
he still can eat some more.

He munches, crunches, gulps and swallows
everything in sight.
He eats lunch for breakfast...dinner too,
and even at midnight.

I wonder what would happen
if somebody had a hunch
and sent all the school kids home at noon
except for Muncha Bunch.

Then whose bananas would he steal?
Whose pretzels would he take?
He'd probably end up eating all the chairs,
for goodness sake.

That Muncha Buncha's appetite
is just too big to stop.
Next time he tries to eat my lunch,
I'm gonna call a cop!

That will teach him not to be
so gluttonous and rude,
cuz then all he'll have left to eat
is yucky prison food!

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

*Children should always be supervised when preparing or cooking in the kitchen.


Stir until Done

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