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Taking Care of Your Books - Click Here

I like books I really do - Books with stories and pictures, too.

Books of birds and things that grow. Books of people we should know.

Books of animals and places too, I like books, I really do!


Book Recommendations

As we grow, our goal is to have book reviews of many different children's books.  If you have a book you would like to review for others, email us the following information:

Book Title
Your Review
Your First Name and your Age
Did you like the book?

Email to:

I Recommend:

Book Title: Dragon in the Cupboard by Karen Dolby
Your Review: Neat book, You get to read then answer a question at the end of each page. Sometimes you look for what is wrong in the pictures and you also get asked to find a hidden picture. Lots of cool stuff. The Dragon is always hungry!
By:  Troy age 5
Did you like the book? Yes a lot!

Book Title:  Magic Tree House Series By Mary Pope Osborne
Your Review:  Anne and Jack are two kids who stumbled on a very tall tree that has a magical tree house. In this tree house there are books, lots of books. When you open a book and point to a picture and say "I wish we were there." the tree house spins and take you there. Back in time or to the future. The adventure is endless.
By:  From T's Mom
Did you like the book?  My son loves these books. They are great for a child who is just starting to enjoy chapter books. My 5 year old loves them to be read to him, too.

Book Title:  White Fang by Jack London
Your Review:  I would recommend the book White Fang by Jack London. One day Juan came home from school with this very book. He was about 9 then. I picked it up casually to read it and could not put it down. It was a remarkable piece of literature. I was so glad he was reading such an intelligent type of book.
By:  Carol, A Mom
Did you like the book?  I heartily recommend it to any-one who has children in the chapter book stage.

Taking Care of Your Books:
  • Carefully wipe the front and back cover with a clean, soft cloth.
  • Use the skinny nozzle on the vacuum cleaner for removing dust from the bound pages of the books. Be careful not to press hard or you will tear the pages.
  • Make sure you also dust the shelves before putting the books back on.
  • If you get a favorite book wet, do not put it near a heat source because this will wrinkle the pages. Instead, place a clean white blotting paper on each side of the wet page and lightly press with a warm flat iron (make sure you have adult help for this).

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