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Native American Folklore

Why the Opossum Looks Ashamed
A Creek Legend

One time an Opossum got very hungry. He went about the world hunting something to eat. At last he looked up into a tree and saw some big balls hanging low down on the limbs. They looked so fine that he danced around the tree for joy.

After his dance he jumped up and caught one of the balls and mashed it in his mouth. It was very bitter, for it was an oak ball. He felt so bad that he crawled away, lay down, and made out that he was dead.

Whenever anyone comes where he is, he remembers his mistake and feels ashamed of having been so badly deceived.

Source: Myths and Tales of the Southeastern Indians, By John R. Swanton, 1929

Our children's stories are a soup for the soul. A lot of them have been contributed by the very people who read them, our kids!
Our stories are entertaining, educational and fun to read.
Our goal is to encourage children to read and to strengthen the bond between a parent and a child. We believe imagination is a key to successful living, not just for children but for their parents too. So enjoy our stories, spend quality time with your family and don't forget to come back for more!
The Child Story Hour team

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