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Bubble Trouble

When I'm blowing a bubble, it's always a sphere.

With a dipper that's square, rounded bubbles appear.

With a three-sided dipper, I still get round bubbles.

Blowing bubbly cubes
is giving me troubles!

Bubble Prints

Bubble Prints

Food coloring
Liquid dish washing detergent
Large sheet of white paper
Tub or plastic box

Fill the tub about 1/4 full of water then add some dish soap to it.

Take the straw and blow in the water creating lots of bubbles.

When you have lots of bubbles, add drops of food coloring to the tops of them.

Take the paper and lay it on top of the bubbles to pop them. Be very careful the paper does not get into the water itself.

Remove the paper and lay out to dry.

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