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Games for Kids

Alphabet Circle Game

Everyone sits in a circle. Whoever goes first starts with the letter A and recites their lines. Continue on to the next person with the next letter of the alphabet. When someone makes a mistake, they move out of the circle and the circle closes in. Keep going until only one person is left!

A my name is Alice
And my husband's name is Albert
And we come from Akron
With a car load of apples

B my name is B____
And my husband's name is B______
And we come from B_____
With a car load of b______

C: (continue through the alphabet until someone makes a mistake)
Tall Tales
The perfect game for children who love to tell stories and play make-believe.

Eenie, meenie, meinie, moe to decide who goes first. Players sit in a circle and the first player starts telling a story.

Player talks for one minute then stops. Then the person sitting on the left of that player picks up where the story left off.  The game continues around the circle, with the story twisting and turning with each new tale.

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