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One, two, sky blue, all are out except you.


Eenie, Meenie, Meinie, Moe catch a tiger by the toe

If he hollers make him pay, fifty dollars every day

My mother told me to pick the very best one and you are not IT.

Sent in by Kelli


Mickey Mouse peed on a house, what color was it?

(The child then says a color and the person who gets the last letter is it - Example:

Another great one from Kelli.


Skunk in the barn-yard
Who could have done it
Your it

Who Goes First?

Everyone puts one foot into the circle. Count each foot as a word is said.

Bubble gum, Bubble gum in a dish
How many pieces do you wish? (Whoever you land on here gets to pick a number)

Continue around the circle counting each foot up to the number chosen. Whoever you end on is not it and out.
Dear friend

Dear friend

How old are you?
(The friend tells his or her age, and the one saying the rhyme counts ahead that many friends, and the ending one is out. The rhyme continues until one person is left.)

Engine, engine, number nine
Going down Chicago line
If the train falls off the track
Do you want your money back (pick yes or no)

If NO - spell N O
No you don't get your money back

If YES - spell Y E S
Yes and you shall have you money back
Eenie, meenie, meinie, moe

Catch a tiger by the toe

If he hollers

let him go

Eenie, meenie, meinie, moe

You are not it.

Inka binka bottle of ink,

The cork fell off and you stink,

Not because you're dirty,

Not because you're clean,

Just because you kissed a (boy or girl)

Behind a magazine

YOU are it.

Icka bicka soda cracker

Icka bicka boo

Icka bicka soda cracker

Out goes Y O U

(Continue until only 1 is left)
Mickey Mouse built a house

How many nails did he use? (pick a number)

One, two, three, etc (using number chosen)

And you are not it (repeat until one is left)

Have Someone says "1, 2, 3 Not it" Everyone would then say IT as quickly as possible. The last person to say IT is it.
Inkey, Pinkey, Ponkey,
Daddy had a donkey,
Donkey died,
Daddy cried,
Inkey, Pinkey, Ponkey.

Thanks to Kelli for this one too!


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