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Sign Language Second Language


I am a home schooled student, and I needed a second language to
study, so I picked Sign Language. I chose Sign Language because it
seemed to be fun and I feel that more people should start learning it. In my
opinion Sign Language is needed more than Spanish or French.

Sign Language may help you in future jobs and you could even help
the deaf people in your own neighborhood. I have learned Sign Language
from mostly a CD rom at home, but there are many different ways to learn
it. Some of those things are books, websites, and you could also take
classes at your local library.

The first thing you want to do to learn Sign Language is learn the
alphabet. Those are a little simpler to learn then bigger words. Next
you might want to start learning numbers or smaller words. You can then
move on to bigger words and then even learn whole sentences.

When you learn Sign Language you can teach your friends and talk
secretly, or you can start finding jobs where Sign Language skills are

Submitted by:
Age 11
6th grade

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