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* Sara and The Green


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* Sara and The Green


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Sara and the green monster part one

“Listen up!” Mrs. Blain said to the class. “I will now tell you about the green monster.”

Sara, who had been talking to her friend Joey, became quiet. She turned to face the front of the classroom and waited patiently for Mrs. Blain to tell them about the green monster. Actually, all the kids in the classroom became quiet.  Monsters were always fun to hear about, especially when you were eight years old and knew that they really didn’t exist. You could then relax and just enjoy the story, and not have to worry about having nightmares. 

“You all know that tonight is Halloween night, “ Mrs. Blain began, “but what you may not know, is that it is on this night that the green monster comes out.”

Every one in the class made ‘ooh’  sounds pretending they were scared. Sara opened her mouth wide, made claws with her two hands, and let out a great big growl at Joey, who laughed and did the same in return.

Mrs. Blain clapped her hands together a couple of times to get everyone’s attention back to the front of the class.

“Nobody knows where he comes from,” she continued in a deep voice, “or what he does all year round, but what we know is that on this night he makes an appearance. You see, because all the children are wearing costumes, it’s easy for him to hide himself among the trick-or-treaters and go door to door collecting candy. He looks a bit like a dinosaur, but a very small dinosaur that is about your height, he walks on his two hind legs and drags his thick long tail behind him. He has two short arms in which he holds a huge bag to carry all the treats. He has big reddish eyes and yellow-brown spots covering his green body.”

Everyone was still amused by the story, especially by the way Mrs. Blain tried to scare the kids with her booming voice. But  there was one girl who really seemed scared. In a quivering voice, she asked, “Will the green monster be out there tonight?”

“Yes, but you need not be afraid of him,” answered Mrs. Blain. “He only likes to eat candy. Kids taste like chicken to him and he really doesn’t like chicken. So keep a close eye on your candy for he will try to snatch your bag away.”

That night Sara, dressed up like a tiger, stood by the window and waited for Joey to appear. They were going trick-or-treating together. He said he was coming dressed in his favorite costume;  a monster costume. Eventually, Sara saw a monster walking up the steps to her front door. Before he even had a chance to ring the doorbell, Sara opened the door, grabbed Joey by the arm, and led him out onto the street.

“You’re finally here! What took you so long?” Sara asked Joey as they walked down the street.

“GGGROWL!” he answered.

“Wow! You make a really scary monster.” Sara said laughing. She looked him up and down and yelled, “Hey! Your costume is like the one Mrs. Blain described today. You’re pretending to be the green monster! That’s cool.”

Again, Joey growled at Sara and Sara laughed.

They went from door to door and when their bags became too full and heavy to continue, they stopped at the corner of the street next to Sara’s house. 

“I guess that’s it. I’m going home, Joey,” Sara said. “It was fun. See you at school tomorrow.”

“GGGrowl!” growled Joey the monster.

“You can stop it now Joey. Halloween is over.” Sara was a bit upset with Joey for all night he didn’t say a word to her but just kept growling. “You’re really taking this monster thing seriously. You could have at least said a word or two to me tonight.”

But Joey had already turned and walked away.

When Sara walked into her house, she saw Joey sitting there on the living room couch, looking furious. Sara hadn’t even seen him walk past her. 

“I’ve been waiting here all night for you,” he said angrily. “Why did you leave without me?”
“What?” Sara asked perplexed. “I just said goodbye to you at the corner. We’ve been trick-or-treating all night.”

“You have but I haven’t. I’ve been sitting here the whole time. Ask your mother.”

“Stop joking, Joey. Halloween night is over. Take your green monster costume and go home.”

“What green costume? My monster costume is right over there and it’s brown, NOT green.”

“Omigosh,” Sara said in a small trembling voice.

“What is it Sara?”

“I think the green monster really exists!” Sarah said, the color draining from her face.


"Sara And The Green Monster " Copyright © 2007 by Emoke
All Rights Reserved

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