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Sweet Creations

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Craft Projects

Helen Sweeny

We browse the internet looking for fun projects so you don’t have to!

We all have run out of ideas of “what to do?”. Sure, spending time with your 8 year old is great but do you have the energy and imagination to actually create something out of everyday materials? I don’t know about you but I am completely helpless …..

After some research I compiled a list that I think would satisfy even the most demanding …. parents ! Remember the idea is to use the fun time for learning without making it boring.

365 kids crafts
Alexandra Martinez has a great collection of  fun projects, and with a money back guarantee it’s definitely something you should try!

101 Science projects
Sounds hard? Well think again... there are some really fun projects in this collection and you will only need materials found around the house!

Little Kid Crafts For All Seasons
Silly Summer Hat Q-Tip Skeleton Easy Butterfly Napkin Ring Jam Packed with Over 200 pages of craft projects and ideas !!!

Kid Party Crafts
At last! A craft book just for children's parties! You would wish you had this book since their first birthday….