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Eggs (raw) *Need to blow out before doing this craft
Food coloring
Vinegar, 1/2 cup per color
Small bowls or cups, 1 per color
Large spoon
Egg cartons
Confetti (Save the paper hole punch confetti)

In the small bowls or cups, mix the vinegar and food coloring until you get the color you want. Very carefully place the hollowed out egg into the coloring. Allow the shell to soak until it is the color you want.

Use a large spoon to remove the eggs from the coloring. Place each egg into the egg carton with the hole on the bottom and allow them to dry completely.

Fill each egg about 1/2 full of confetti. Use a small piece of tape to close the holes.

*NOTE: Directions for blowing out your eggs.
Using a large sewing needle, prick a small hole in the top of the egg and a larger hole in the bottom of the egg. One tap on the top will make a small hole, one tap on the bottom plus a little breaking away, will make a larger hole about 3/8" (1 cm) in diameter. You want to make sure to poke through the membrane of the egg on both ends.

Hold the egg firmly in one hand, but don't squeeze. Blow into the small hole and blow yolk and white out the larger hole and into bowl. Everything will come out the large hole.

Blow several eggs and have scrambled eggs for breakfast.
Egg-cellent Confetti Game

Pair up children and have them face each other. They toss the eggs back and forth, moving father away from each other after each toss. Eventually one will squash the egg and get confetti all over themselves!

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