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Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

Tie Dyed Easter Eggs & Flowers for Mom

Hard Boiled Eggs
White Coffee Filters
Rubber Bands
Egg Dying kit (just the tablets from it and the vinegar)
Eye Droppers or Straws
Cups to Hold the Food Coloring
Green Pipe Cleaners

Cover your working area with newspaper. Prepare the Egg Dying kit by following the instructions.

Next, place an egg inside a coffee filter and close it up around the egg using a rubber band. Using the eye dropper or the straw by holding the end to pick up one drop of dye at a time. Drop your choice of colors on the coffee filtered egg.

Once you have drenched your egg with the colors you chose, Let it set while you move to the next egg. When all the eggs are colored go back to the first egg and take the rubber band off and the coffee filter off and you will have a Tie Dyed Egg.

Next Step: Flowers for Mom

Once the coffee filters are dry you can layer them to make a flower. Bunch them up in the middle and tie off with a rubber band. While you are tying it off with a rubber band you can rubber band it around a green pipe cleaner. This will form a flower. If you wish leave off the pipe cleaner add a safety pin and you have a corsage for Mom.

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