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A Child's Life

Growing Up With My Dog Blackie

You may think that this story is about lovey dovey stuff. Well it is yet it is not.

Way back in 1994 the year I was born we got a dog and named her Blackie. She was so cute she was adorable and lovable. I loved her and you would of too.

We have been through rough times but we both always pulled through. I was about six years old in 2000 when my mom had a divorce with my dad. I stood there in the doorway with my puppy crying. I did not want to move. I did not want my dad to go and I did not want to leave my best friend.

Then when I turned 7 I met this awesome guy and my mom started dating him. Guess what, me, my mom and use to be brother live with him now and Blackie was right by my side.

I bet you are wondering why I said use to be brother? Well he had some rough times and we knew that he would try to do drugs, so we tried to prevent him from doing that but he did and when I found out that he had to go to the hospital I sat with my dog crying and she sat there and laid her head against mine. My brother did all those things from killing a Santa lawn decoration to slitting tires, and me and my dog were sitting through it all. My brother lives with my Dad now.

Then that horrible day in 2004 when I found out I had a disease called F.A.P or you can call it colon cancer polyps. So every 6 months I have to get a scope and I just love hanging out with my doggy when I get back home.

One time we had to dog sit a goofy little dog for a few months. She is cute but canít replace Blackie. Oh ya, I had a pet rat name Squirt. I had her for a year then that tragic moment of life that ended her wonderful story of life, and took her away from me in life but not heart and she will always be with me.

Now Blackie is with me and I got TWO pet rats and I am10 years old living with my perfect family and life could not be better.

My life may have some downers but with my family and Blackie I have pulled through.

Written by Travis
Age 10

Submitted February 23, 2005

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