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Mother's Day Alphabet Poem

A Mother's Day Alphabet Poem
by Kelly Haugen

A is for the Apple of your eye,
yes Mom, I am your sweetie pie.

B is for the best Mom on the Earth!
I want to give you all you are worth.

C is for the crying I did as a baby.
Ok, it was more like screaming maybe?

D is for the dimples when you make me laugh,
which seems to be every hour and a half.

E is for everything you do for me,
including helping when I was stuck in that tree.

H is for the happy times that we share.
For each and every one, nothing can compare.

I is for the interest you take in all that I do,
not to mention, teaching me to follow all the way through.

J is for the jam you add to my bread.
Remember the mess? It was strawberry red.

K is for the kiss you give me before bed,
as you turn off the light that shines overhead.

L is for the laughter as you listen to my jokes
about giant oaks and little folks.

M is for the memories we make everyday
as we laugh and sing and make up a play.

N is for the nights when I could not sleep
and all of the times you helped me count sheep.

O is for those ornery times which are not so much fun,
yet you stayed by my side until they were done.

P is for the picnics we had in my tree house.
I will never forget when you screamed at the mouse.

Q is for the questions I always ask.
After the first 20, was it a terrible task?

R is for the reasons you teach me right from wrong,
lessons that will last all of my life long.

S is for the sharing you never fail to do
whenever I holler, "I want one too!"

T is for the trouble that I sometimes make.
Always saying "I am sorry, I made a mistake."

U is for the understanding that you show
every time I say, "I don't know!"

V is for the virtues you instill in me.
Maybe they will lead me to a law degree.

W is for the wonder of every milestone,
yet allowing me to reach them on my own.

X is for the x-ray when I broke my arm.
Remember? I was playing on Grandma's farm.

Y is for yours, something I will always be,
even when I am to big to bounce on your knee.

Z is for the zillion ways you show your love for me!
Something I will never forget, I guarantee!

Happy Mother's Day

2005 Kelly Haugen, Story Soup Kids

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