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Our complete list of Questions & Answers

* Who was composing music at five years of age?

*  Who was the first person to walk on the moon?

* Whose faces are carved into Mount Rushmore?

* Why is the Ford name so famous?

* Who was Sitting Bull?

* Who was Buffalo Bill?

* Who was King Tut?

* Who was Shakespeare?

Questions & Answers

Who was composing music at five years of age?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was only five years old when he began composing minuets and other piano pieces. He completed his
first symphony at age 9 and his first opera at 12.

His musician father began to teach Mozart and his older sister music when they were very young. By the time he was four,
Mozart could memorize short pieces and play them perfectly.

When he was only six, Mozart went with his father and sister on a concert tour through Europe. They played for a German
prince in Munich, then they performed for the empress in Vienna. They proceeded to Brussels and Paris, gave concerts at the
French king's palace at Versailles, then went to London and Holland. Finally they returned to Austria.

Mozart went on to become the composer for the archbishop of Salzburg, court organist, composer for the emperor, and later a
teacher in Vienna. Although he is now considered one of the world's greatest musical geniuses, he died in poverty at the
age of 35. His reputation had faded as he grew older and his music was thought to be too complex and emotional by the
society of the day.

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