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Our complete list of Questions & Answers

* Who was composing music at five years of age?

*  Who was the first person to walk on the moon?

* Whose faces are carved into Mount Rushmore?

* Why is the Ford name so famous?

* Who was Sitting Bull?

* Who was Buffalo Bill?

* Who was King Tut?

* Who was Shakespeare?

Questions & Answers

Who was King Tut?

One of the most exciting archaeological discoveries ever was made in Egypt in 1922.
An archaeologist (a person who studies past civilizations) named Howard Carter was searching an area known as the Valley of the Kings when he came upon a tomb no one knew about.

Since all the other tombs in the valley had been robbed long before by grave diggers, Carter was fearful that this one too had been damaged. When he and his crew excavated the tomb, they found that grave robbers had indeed entered it, but they had been foiled by hidden traps.

In the inner chambers of the tomb, Carter discovered one of the finest arrays of early Egyptian artifacts ever found. These included a solid gold coffin, a gold mask and many precious jewels and gold carvings.

These incredible riches had been buried with a young king known as Tutankhamen, who ruled Egypt from 1361 to 1352 B.C. He became pharaoh at age 9 and died at age 18.

Our children's stories are a soup for the soul. A lot of them have been contributed by the very people who read them, our kids!
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