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Smiling Puppet

Smiling Puppet

Items you will need:

Two Paper Plates
Styrofoam pieces
Stapler or tape

What to do:

Cut one paper plate in half. Staple/Tape it to the back of the second paper plate. The cut should be in the middle. This will give you the ability to put your fingers in one side and your thumb in the other side. Next on one of the half pieces have your child draw eyes and a nose. Flip the plates over to the solid plate and glue the Styrofoam pieces to the edge of the plate like teeth. Once glue is dry you will have a Smiling Puppet.

Variation for 2-5: Instead of Styrofoam pieces you can use white squares of construction paper and fold a small crease on the square. Then glue the small crease to the paper plate. Leaving the teeth to hang down or stand up.

This is a good activity to use when talking about how important it is to BRUSH those TEETH.