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Pumpkin Mosaic Pictures

Pumpkin Mosaic Pictures

Items You Need:
Pumpkin Seeds (clean)
Tempera paint , dark colors work best
Paint brush
Zip Lock bag
Paper towels
Thick paper/poster board
Wax paper

What You Do:

Put the seeds into a zip lock bag, squirt some paint on the seeds and mix the paint around until all seeds are covered in paint. Do this for as many colors as you need/want.

Spread the seeds out on wax paper and let dry.

While they are waiting for the seeds to dry, your child can draw a picture onto his/her poster paper. Some ideas include masks, fish or wild designs.
You can also take a very basic coloring book and trace a picture from it on to your poster paper. (You can use carbon paper to trace with)

Remind your child to keep it simple, remember, they will be "coloring in" with seeds.

When the seeds are dry, they can be arranged and glued onto the poster paper in the appropriate areas.

You can always use dried beans, lentils, popcorn or other types of seeds for this project, you don't need to use pumpkin seeds. In fact, if you use dried beans, you can leave them in their natural colorful state (black eyed peas, red kidney beans, etc.).