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Sweet Creations

Cooked Clay
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Makeup for Costume Play
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Makeup for Costume Play

Makeup for Halloween, Plays or Dress-up

Ingredients ~ For the actual face paint:
3 tablespoons cornstarch
1 tablespoon flour
3/4 cup Karo light corn syrup
1/4 cup water
1/4 teaspoon liquid food coloring (color of choice) * or *
1/4 teaspoon paste food coloring (color of choice - paste makes more intense colors)

Helpful tools:
1 small mixing bowl
4 paper cups
4 Cotton swabs or small brush
1 box facial tissues
cotton balls
puffed wheat cereal

In a small bowl, mix 3 tablespoons cornstarch and 1 tablespoon flour. Gradually stir in 3/4 cup Karo corn syrup and 1/4 cup water until smooth.

Divide mixture between 4 paper cups. Color 3 of the batches with colors of your choice (1/2 teaspoon liquid or 1/4 teaspoon paste for each cup). Leave 1 cup un-tinted. For additional colors, prepare more makeup.

Separate tissues into single layers; tear lengthwise into 2-inch wide strips. Using swabs or brush, paint generous coat of un-tinted mixture on forehead; place strip of tissue over area; pat firmly with fingertips. Brush on more of same mixture to cover any dry spots on tissue. Continue painting rest of face, one area at a time, and covering it with tissue. Don't paint eyelids or around eyes. Let dry about 15 minutes; time depends on temperature and humidity.

Stir colored batches before using. Paint on 1 color at a time as desired. Let dry slightly before using another color if you want them to blend, or let dry completely if you don't. To speed process, use hair dryer on cool air setting.

For deeper, smoother, candy-color effect, use several coats of same color allowing paint to dry slightly between coats.

To build up eyebrows, nose or chin (or for beard) apply cotton to damp, un-tinted mixture. Paint with more of the same. Cover with tissue and paint desired color.

For Ghoulish effect, dust made-up face with flour.

For warts, stick on Puffed Wheat cereal with un-tinted mixture, then coat with layers of mixture-soaked tissue. Paint desired color.

To remove makeup, wet face, then gently peel tissue away. Wash face with warm water.

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