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Fake Coffee Spill
Fake Yogurt Spill
Fake Cereal Spill
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The first of April, some do say, is set apart for All Fools' Day.

But why the people call it so, nor I, nor they themselves do know.

But on this day are people sent on purpose for pure merriment.

Poor Robin's Almanac (1790)


April Fool's Day Jokes

April Fool's Day is a fun time to play a good-natured practical joke on a family member or a friend.

But, it is important to remember that the best joke is one that makes everyone laugh, including the person you are playing the joke on.

If your practical joke could hurt someone's feelings, then it is not funny and should not be included in your April Fool's Day fun!

With that said, we hope you get some laughs from our April Fool's Day fun.

Computer Fun

On a small post-it note, write "April Fool's Day". Place it on the bottom of a computer mouse, covering the ball. When they go to use the mouse, it won't do anything!

The Kitchen Sink is Broke!

Slip a rubber band over the sink sprayer handle so that it is stuck in the on position. Carefully aim the nozzle so that it sprays out over the sink and onto anybody who turns on the faucet.

Fake Coffee Spill

Do this about a week ahead of time so it is ready.

A coffee cup (don't break it)
White glue
Brown puff paint
Wax paper

In a small bowl, mix equal parts of the glue and the puff paint until you get a very dark brown.

Lay out a piece of wax paper and drop about two (2) tablespoons of the glue/paint mixture onto it. Tip the coffee cup onto its side and set it in the mixture. Place another tablespoon or so on the inside lip of the cup and again on the wax paper at the tip of the cup.

Allow it to dry for about a week without touching it. Once dry, carefully peel off the wax paper. Place it over the computer keyboard, on the rug or anywhere you know mom will see it and holler for you!


Fake yogurt spill:  Use an empty, clean yogurt container, puff paint in the color to match the flavor of the yogurt and white glue.  Add some small beads the color of the fruit.  Follow above directions.

Cereal Spill:  You do not need a bowl for this but can mix white paint and glue.  Put a large amount on the wax paper and allow it to dry.  Once dry, peel off the wax paper.  When you place the spill, add some dry cereal to it.  Follow above directions.

The Mustard Squirt

Empty, clean and dry mustard squeeze bottle, with the small plug cut out
Yellow yarn about 2 feet long

Thread the yarn through the hole in the cap and tie a knot in both ends of the yarn, as close to the ends as you can get.

Place the rest of the string into the bottle and put the cap on the bottle.

When you squeeze the bottle the string will come out and it will look like you are squirting mustard.

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