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Alphabet A-E

A – Apple Printing

Paper Plates

Parent can cut an apple in half. Place a small amount of paint into a paper plate. Have child dip apple half into paint and make apple prints.

Paint your child’s hand green and arm brown. Make a print on paper. Next add apple prints to the hand/arm print like an apple tree.

B – Bus
Yellow Paper
Black Paper
Glue Stick

Cut out 2 black wheels and 3 small squares and 1 large square, for windows. Have your child glue them the wheels on to the bottom of the yellow paper. Next glue the small squares in a straight line at the top leaving enough room for the big square at one end. You can also cut out one small black circle for a headlight if you would like. Have your child write the word BUS on the side of the bus. If your child can not right you write it in light pencil and have your child write on top. (Added touch – round the corners of the yellow paper)

C – Cutting Cookies

Black Marker
Child Scissors
Beige Paper
Brown Paper
Glue Stick

Draw a circle freehand with the black marker on beige paper. Draw smaller circles on brown paper. Have your child cut out the circles. The circles do NOT need to be perfect for most cookies are not perfect. Glue the brown “chocolate chips” on the beige “cookie:”

D – Daisy Hands

White Paint
Yellow Paint
Blue Paper

Paint your child’s fingers only with white paint. Make a print on the paper of your child’s fingers. Do this again and again until you have a circle of white finger prints. Once you do on the last set of prints paint the palm of your child’s hand yellow along with the white fingers. Place the last print down and you will have a daisy.

E – Egg

Water Colors
Water Color Paper
Scissors (for Parent)

Cut an egg shape out of the water color paper. Have your child water color the paper to create a Dyed Easter Egg.

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