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Alphabet T-Z

U – Umbrella

Construction Paper
Circular Object
Pipe Cleaner

Trace the circular object with a pencil. Have your child cut out the circle. Fold the circle in half and cut along the fold. This will give you two umbrella tops. Next take your pipe cleaner and bend it into a “J” shape. Glue the “J” shape to the back of your half circle and you have an umbrella.

Decorate your umbrella using markers, glitter, paint or anything you can imagine.

V – Vase

Masking Tape
Empty “GLASS” Salad Dressing Bottle
Rubber Gloves
Shoe Polish (blue or brown)
Old Rag

Using small strips of masking tape; cover your bottle completely. After this step is done you will need to put gloves on. Using the old rag rub shoe polish onto the bottle you just taped up. This will give your bottle a very neat “VASE” look.

W – Watermelon

Pink Paper
Green Paper
Black Circle Stickers
Glue Stick

Draw a triangle on the pink paper. Have your child cut out the triangle. Have your child cut a strip of green to glue at the bottom of your triangle. Place black stickers on the pink portion of the triangle. You will have a nice slice of watermelon when you are done.

X – Ray

Black Construction Paper

Have your child trace their hand or foot with the white chalk on the black paper. Next have them draw in what they think their bones look like.

Get a real X-Ray of a hand or foot for your child to look and compare. A picture from a book would work also.

Y – Yarn Painting

Paper Plate
(Clothes Pin)

Place a small amount of paint on a paper plate. Cut yarn to be different lengths. Have your child place the yarn in the paint getting it covered w/ paint. Next drag the yarn over paper. Do this with different paint colors.

If you have a child who does not like to get their hand dirty add a clothes pin to one end of the yarn. Then have the child pick up the yarn using the clothes pin and their fingers will stay clean.

Z – Zig Zag Fun

Rick Rack Trim
Card Stock

Have your child use the zig zag rick rack trim to create a Z zig zag style.

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