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Alphabet P-S

P – Pickle Painting

Large and Small Pickles
Knife (for Parent Use)
Small Plates

Parent should cut the tip of the pickle off and place that open end down into paint that you have placed on to a small paper plate. Next encourage your child to pick up the pickle and make prints on his plate with it. If you feel like making a mess have your child roll a pickle in paint then roll it on paper.

Q – Queen

Construction Paper
Glue Stick
Child Scissors

Give your child a square 4 x 4 piece of paper and help your child round the corners. This will be your Queen’s face. Next give your child a rectangle piece of paper and have them cut V’s out of the long side of the rectangle. This will create a Crown for your Queen. Next have your child cut long strips of paper for hair to go onto your Queen. Once you have all the parts have your child glue together a Queen using markers to create the face.

R – Rock Pet

Large Rock
Googly Eyes

Use the above supplies to decorate your rock into a pet you can set on your dresser.

S – Snake

Old Tie
Dried Beans
Hot Glue Gun (Parent will use)
Red Felt

Parent needs to hot glue the small end of the tie closed. Once the hot glue has cooled your child may start adding dry beans. While they are doing that the Parent can cut a fork shape out of the red felt for a snake tongue. When the tie is full of beans the Parent will need to glue the red felt tongue to the top of the larger opened end of the tie (on the inside) so it sticks out. Then seal the end with glue. The tie should be completely sealed with glue. To be sure that it does not break later take and glue the seam of the snake (tie) also.  You can add googly eyes to give your snake a silly character.

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