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Alphabet K-O

K – Key Chime

Old Keys
Fishing Line
Hanger or Pipe

Using the old keys help your child tie pieces of the fishing line to the keys. Tie the other end of the fishing line to the hanger or pipe. Be sure to hang them at different lengths but close enough to hit each other to create the “chime.”

L –Ladybugs

Black Crayon
Red Crayon
2 Small Paper Plate
Black Circle Sticker (labels)
1 Brad

Have your child color one paper plate red and one black. Next place the black sticker circle labels on the red paper plate. Once done, cut the red paper plate in half, using the brad, connect the three pieces (one whole plate and 2 half plates) at the top of one the whole plate. This will leave you with a lady bug with wings that can open and close.

M - Marble Painting

Box – (AVON box lid works great)
Paint Any Color

Place paper in the box and dip a drop or 2 of paint on the paper. Place the marble into the lid and tilt the box back and forth to get the marble to roll around. You can add more colors to create different colors. Try golf balls for a different look.

*Option for 2 and Under*
Use a Cool Whip container to hold a small piece of paper, paint and a marble. Let your child shack the container all around. You will get the same turn out.

N – Noodle Paint

Spaghetti Noodles
Linguini Noodles
Lasagna Noodles

Cook the noodles, let them cool, dip the noodle into paint and drag it across the paper. Each noodle will leave a different print.

You can do this with uncooked noodles it is just harder to handle.

O – Octopus

Paint Brush
Baby Wipes (easy clean up)
Googly Eyes

Paint only the fingers and a palm NO THUMB of your child’s hands. Make a print of your child hands with the palms on top of one another. This will give you a print with 8 fingers sticking out. Just like legs to an octopus. Add some googly eyes and you have a silly octopus.

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