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Story Soup
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Alphabet F-J

F – Feet Fun

Roll of Kraft Brown Paper (shipping paper)
Paint of Any Color
Paint Brush
Baby Wipes

Lay down the paper. Paint your child’s feet with paint. Have your child hold on to your hands as they “Walk” across the paper. They can turn around and walk back until the paint is all gone on their feet. Repeat this as many times as you want. Use baby wipes to make clean up easier. Wipe your child’s feet with them.

*You can use this paper for wrapping a gift.

G - Grapes

Purple Paint or Ink Pad
Baby Wipes (easy clean up)

Let your child use the paint or ink to make thumb or finger prints to form a grape bunch. Use a baby wipe for quick clean up.

H – Home/House

Large Appliance Box
Markers or Paint

Using the large appliance box let your child color or paint the walls of the box. Encourage your child to use there imagination to create a home/house out of their own box.

I – Ice Painting

Dry Tempera Paint

Use ice to add the water to a dab or two of dry tempera paint. As the ice melts it will turn the dry paint into liquid paint. Encourage your child to mix colors using the dry paint. Talk about how the ice feels while your child paints.

Don’t have Dry Tempera Paint, try dry cool-aid.

J – Jeans

Strips of Old Jeans (Parent should pre cut the strips)
Card Stock Cut out of the letter J

Glue strips of jeans to the J shape to create a jean J.

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