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Rainbow Jell-O

Rainbow Jell-O

1 small box of each of the following Jell-O flavors:
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple

You will also need clear plastic cups

Make the red Jell-O according to the instructions on the box. Pour a small amount in the bottom of each clear glass (about one sixth of the cup).

When the Red Jell-O has set (this may take a couple of hours or overnight) repeat using the Orange Jell-O, Yellow Jell-O, Green Jell-O, Blue Jell-O, and Purple Jell-O.  Allow each color to set before going to the next color.

Be sure to add the Jell-O in that order to see your Rainbow come to life.

*Children should always be supervised when preparing or cooking in the kitchen.

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