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Cinnamon Bunny Rolls

Cinnamon Bunny Rolls

2 cans Refrigerated Cinnamon rolls
Assorted candy

You will need two greased cookie sheets. Preheat oven to 357 F.

Separate the dough into the individual rolls. Cut 8 of the rolls in half.

On a greased cookie sheet, place 4 whole cinnamon rolls 2 inches apart. Repeat this for the second cookie sheet.

Place 2 cinnamon roll halves 1/2 inch apart on the top of each whole cinnamon roll.

Bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until golden brown. Allow to cool slightly.

Drizzle the icing over each of the bunnies. Decorate with assorted candies to make eyes, nose, and whiskers.

Serve warm.

*Children should always be supervised when preparing or cooking in the kitchen.

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