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* Original Short Stories

Original Short Stories

Wendy's Summer Vacation

Wendy was sitting by her bedroom window wondering what she was going to do for summer vacation. Just then her mother came into the room. "What's the matter Wendy? Why so sad?" Her mother asked. "Mommy, I can't think of what to do this summer. I know I can play outside and go swimming in Grandmas pool. But what else can I do?" Her Mom thought and thought. Then she said, "I have an idea. There's a really nice lady living down the street, who is a friend of mine. She lives alone with her four cats. Her family lives far away. I think it would be nice if you would visit her once in a while this summer."

So the next day Wendy and her mother went down the street to see the lady. Her name was Mrs. Martin. She and Wendy seemed to like each other right away. Wendy told her she would visit her three days a week. On her first visit Mrs. Martin told her that there was a trunk in the upstairs closet that had dolls in it. Also a dollhouse.

Wendy had great fun playing with all the dolls and especially the dollhouse. It was all furnished and decorated that lived in it. She loved going to Mrs. Martin's"

When summer was just about over, Mrs. Martin told her that one of her cats was going to have kittens and as soon as they were ready, she could pick one out for her very own.

Wendy would miss her visits with Mrs. Martin. But, she promised that she would see her as often as she could.

Later that year, Wendy went to visit. Mrs. Martin let her pick out her kitten. She picked out a brown, fluffy girl kitten. You know what she named her? She named her "Summer." Because that's when she met her very best friend.

I hope you have a great summer too.

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