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* Classic Short Stories
* Original Short Stories

Cindy and Her Princess

Cindy lived on a ranch where her father raised horses. She always wanted a colt of her very own.

Then one day one of the favorite horses on the ranch had a colt. The little colt was born without a tail. Otherwise she was perfect. Her father told her they were going to let her raise the little colt as her very own. Cindy said she didn't want a colt without a tail. But she took care of her and the colt loved Cindy she would follow her around the pasture while Cindy helped her dad take care of the other horses. They began to care about each other. One day her dad helped her train her horse to be able for Cindy to ride her. He bought her a beautiful saddle. Cindy would brush her horse and also braid her main. Because she didn't have a tail, she had a beautiful main.

Cindy's Mother ask her what she was going to name her horse. Cindy thought and thought. Finally she said. 'Even though she doesn't have a tail, she is still a Princess. So that's what I'll name her, Princess."

Cindy and Princess rode everywhere together. Princess, the little colt with no tail, grew to be the most beautiful horse Cindy had ever seen.