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* Original Short Stories

Angel the Baby Deer

There once was a little girl named Emily. She live in the country with her mom and dad.

They had a family of deer that would come up to the back door of the house. There was a fawn, doe and buck. The buck she named Timber. He was very shy so he kept his distance. But, the doe and the fawn were there every morning.

But one day, only the doe came to the door. Emily wonder what had happened to the fawn. The doe looked very sad Emily thought. Also, she wouldn't eat and just stood there staring at Emily.

Suddenly the doe, named Sandy because of her color, started heading for the woods but kept looking back at Emily. Then she'd walk a little farther and look back again. Emily got the idea the doe wanted her to follow her into the woods.

So Emily went and got her father to go with her because she had always been told not to go into the woods alone. So they found the doe standing over the fawn Emily had named Angel. Her father discovered that the fawns leg was broken.

Now, normally you would never touch a baby deer because the doe may ignore the baby if it had the scent of her father on it. But, he thought, that under the circumstances it would be alright. They took the fawn back to the house where the fixed the fawns leg. They gave the fawn and doe something to eat. They fixed a place on the back porch for Angel to stay while she was getting well. Her mother stayed close by, as did the Buck (at a distance).

Then one day, the fawn stood up and began to walk around the yard. Emily stayed on the porch and watched. The doe came up to Angel and nuzzled her with her nose. Then, they started off into the woods together. They came back to Emily's house everyday. They stood by the porch looking at Emily. Emily thought it looked to her like they were smiling at her as if to say thank you for helping us.

This taught Emily to always be kind to animals, wild or tame.

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