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* Original Short Stories

Sammy the Snail

One day a sad snail named Sammy was crawling around the garden (very slowly). Sammy was sad because he had lost his home (shell). He didn't know what to do. It just slid off his back when he wasn't looking.

He look all around. So he tried to find something that would do. He thought maybe a leaf would do. Nope, it just fell off his back. A rock was out of the question, because it could crush him.

Then he thought maybe he could do without a shell and pretend he was a slug. Lots of bugs and spiders didn't have shells and they managed just fine. So why couldn't he? But he was born with a shell on his back. So he kept searching.

Other snails tried to help. But they all had their homes. He crawled into flowers that had fallen on the ground, but that didn't work either. Then one lucky day Sammy found A SNAIL SHELL! that had been left by another snail. He was lucky to, it fit just right! He was so happy, he even crawled a little faster.

So that's the story of Sammy and his shell....home.