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More Short Stories

* Classic Short Stories
* Original Short Stories

Herbie the Hermit Crab

Herbie the hermit crab was very proud of his shell. He lived in a tank in a pet shop. He would crawl around looking at all the other shells but he couldn't see one that was as nice as his. Then one day the owner of the pet shop put a handful of shells in the tank. It was like a "blue light" special at Kmart.

All of the crabs, including Herbie, were going crazy looking for just the best and most beautiful shell. one was red, another was blue. There were stripped ones and spotted ones. But the more he looked the better he liked his shell. Then one day the pet shop owner picked Herbie up and put him in a plastic bag, and handed him to a little girl, and the little girl took Herbie home. He had a tank all to himself and he had his perfect shell.