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A Note from SSK - Foreword

A Little Cook-Book for a Little Girl By Caroline French Benton

First Published by: Boston, The Page Company, Publishers
Copyright, 1905
by Dana Estes & Company

Written for: Katherine, Monica and Betty
Three Little Girls Who Love To Do "Little Girl Cooking"

Before you begin to read through the book and the recipes, you need to remember that this book was written 100 years ago. This was back in a time when there were no electric stoves or auto preheat ovens.

The book was written back in a time when a grocery store did not have isle upon isle of food choices, and very little pre-made foods.

It was during a time period when you did not run out to the local fast food restaurant to get a QUICK dinner.

It was also written during a time of the "female worked in the kitchen and the male work outside". Now days, it is just as important for little boys to learn to cook as it is for little girls.

What I like about this cookbook, is the fact that many of the recipes found in it are basic recipes that form most of the recipes we find in today's cookbooks. An example of this is the "Cream Sauce" known today as a "classic white sauce" which I use in many recipes, such as "Sausage Biscuits and Gravy". If you can make a recipe from this book, you can cook almost anything!

The written language used in this cookbook is also very old-fashioned. But most of it can be translated to today's terms. Such as a "Saltspoon" which equals 1/4 teaspoon. You will also notice that it says to have a "Hot fire" or a "low fire". These can also be placed into terms for today. You can think of a "hot fire" as setting today's oven anywhere from 350 degrees F to 450 degrees F.

In a world of Pop-Tarts, Lunchables and Frozen Banquet Chicken, this cookbook can help us to remember that, with today's kitchen conveniences, a good home cooked meal can be quick and easy with the right knowledge and ingredients.

Remember that children should always be supervised in the kitchen.  I hope you enjoy this book and it's recipes as much as I do. I have to say, my favorite section is the Candy recipes.

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A Little Cook-Book for a Little Girl

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