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Little Cook-Book: Macaroni

Sometimes Margaret had boiled rice for dinner in place of potatoes, and then she looked back at the recipe she used when she cooked it for breakfast, and made it in just the same way. Very often in winter she had Macaroni.


6 long pieces of macaroni.
1 cup white sauce.
1/2 pound of cheese.
Paprika and salt.

Break up the macaroni into small pieces, and boil fifteen minutes in salted water, shaking the dish often. Pour off the water and hold the dish under the cold-water faucet until all the paste is washed off the outside of the macaroni, which will take only a minute if you turn it over once or twice. Butter a baking-dish, put in a layer of macaroni, a good sprinkle of salt, then a very little white sauce, and a layer of grated cheese, sprinkled over with a tiny dusting of paprika, or sweet red pepper, if you have it; only use a tiny bit. Then cover with a thin layer of white sauce, and so on till the dish is full, with the last layer of white sauce covered with an extra thick one of cheese. Bake till brown.

Margaret's mother got this rule in Paris, and she though it a very nice one.

After the soup, meat, and vegetables at dinner came the salad; for this Margaret almost always had lettuce, with French dressing, as mayonnaise seemed too heavy for dinner. Sometimes she had nice watercress; once in a long time she had celery with mayonnaise.

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