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Little Cook-Book: Fish

One day some small, cunning little fish came home from market, and Margaret felt sure they must be meant for her to cook. They were called smelts, and, on looking, she found a rule for cooking them, just as she had expected.

Fried Smelts

Put a deep kettle on the fire, with two cups of lard in it, to get it very hot.

Wipe each smelt inside and out with a clean wet cloth, and then with a dry one.

Have a saucer of flour mixed with a teaspoonful of salt, and another saucer of milk.

Put the tail of each smelt through its gills--that is, the opening near its mouth. Then roll the smelts first in milk and then in flour, and shake off any lumps.

Throw a bit of bread into the fat in the kettle, and see if it turns brown quickly; it does if the fat is hot enough, but if not you must wait.

Put four smelts in the wire basket, and stand it in the fat, so that the fish are entirely covered, for only half a minute, or till you can count thirty.

As you take them out of the kettle, lay them on heavy brown paper on a pan in the oven, to drain and keep hot, and leave the door open till all are done.

Lay a folded napkin on a long, narrow platter, and arrange the fishes in two rows, with slices of lemon and parsley on the sides.


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