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Little Cook-Book: Drinks

They usually had tea for luncheon or supper at Margaret's house, but sometimes they had chocolate instead, so these things came next in the cook-book.


1/2 teaspoonful of black tea for each person.
1/2 teaspoonful for the pot.
Boiling water.

Fill the kettle half-full of fresh, cold water, because you cannot make good tea with water which has been once heated.

When it is very hot, fill the china teapot and put it where it will keep warm.

When the water boils very hard, empty out the teapot, put in the tea, and put on the boiling water; do not stand it on the stove, as too many people do, but send it right to the table; it will be ready as soon as it is time to pour it--about three minutes.

If you are making tea for only one person, you will need a teaspoonful of tea, as you will see by the rule, and two small cups of water will be enough. If for more, put in a half-teaspoonful for each person, and one cup of water more.

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