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Little Cook-Book: Ice Cream/Ices

Margaret had a little ice-cream freezer which was all her own, and held only enough for two little girls to eat at a tea-party, and this she could pack alone.

When she made ice- ream for all the family she had to use the larger freezer, of course, and this Bridget helped her pack. But the same rule was used for either the large one or the small.

First break up the ice in a thick bag with a hammer until the pieces are as large as eggs, and all about the same size.

Then put two big bowls or dippers of this into a tub or pail, and add one bowl or dipper of coarse salt, and so on, till you have enough, mixing it well with a long-handled spoon.

Put the freezer in its pail and put the cover on; then fill the  space between with the ice and salt till it is full, pressing it down as you work.

Let it stand now in a cool place, till you know the inside is very cold, and then wipe off the top carefully and pour in the cream, which must be very cold, too.

Put on the top and turn smoothly and slowly till it is stiff, which should be fifteen minutes. Then draw off the water from the pail, wipe the top of the cover again, so no salt can get in, and take out the dasher, pushing the cream down with a spoon from the sides and packing it firmly.

Put a cork in the hole in the cover, and put it on tightly. Mix more ice with a little salt; only a cupful to two bowls this time, and pack the freezer again up to the top.

Wring out a heavy cloth in the salty water you drew off the pail, and cover it over tightly with this, and then stand in a cool, dark place till you need it; all ice-creams are better for standing two hours.

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