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Creamed Cabbage

Creamed Cabbage

1 small cabbage.
1 cup cream sauce.

Take off the outside leaves of the cabbage; cut it up in four pieces, and cut out the hard core and lay it in cold, salted water for half an hour.

Then wipe it dry and slice it, not too fine, and put it in a saucepan; cover it with boiling water with a teaspoonful of salt in it, and boil hard for fifteen minutes without any cover.

While it is cooking, make a cup of cream sauce. 

Take up the cabbage, press it in the colander with a plate till all the water is out; put it in a hot covered dish, sprinkle well with salt, and pour the cream sauce over.

This will not have any unpleasant odor in cooking, and it will be so tender and easy to digest that even a little girl may have two helpings. 

If you like it to look green, put a tiny bit of soda in the water when you cook it.










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