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Layer Cake

Layer Cake

1 cup sugar.
1/2 cup water.
2 eggs.
2 teaspoonfuls baking-powder.
1/2 cup butter.
2 1/2 cups flour.
Teaspoonful vanilla.

Rub the butter to a cream in a deep bowl, and put in the sugar a little at a time, and rub this till it, too, creams. Then put in the beaten yolks of the eggs, and then the water. Beat the egg-whites well, and fold in half, then add the flour, in which you have mixed and sifted the baking-powder, and then put in the vanilla and the rest of the eggs.

Divide in two layers, or in three if the tins are small, and bake till a light brown.

Filing for Layer Cakes

Nut and Raisin Filling

Make the rule for plain icing, and add a half-cup of chopped raisins mixed with half a cup of chopped almonds or English walnuts.

Fig Filling

Mix a cup of chopped figs with the same icing.

Marshmallow Filling

Chop a quarter of a pound of marshmallows; put them over the teakettle to get soft; make a plain icing and beat them in.

Maple Filling

2 cups maple syrup.
Whites of 2 eggs.

Boil the syrup slowly till it makes a thread when you hold it up; then add it slowly to your beaten egg-whites, beating till cold.

Orange Filling

1 cup powdered sugar.
1 tablespoonful boiling water.
Grated rind of 1 orange.
1 tablespoonful orange-juice.

Put the sugar in a bowl, add the rind, then the water and juice, and spread at once on the cake. This icing must be very thick when made, and if is seems thin put in more sugar.

Caramel Filling

2 cups brown sugar.
1/2 cup cream or milk.
Butter the size of an egg.
1/2 teaspoonful vanilla.

Mix all together and cook till it is smooth and thick.

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