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Some of Margaret's School Luncheons

Some of Margaret's School Luncheons

1. Two Boston brown bread, cream cheese, and nut sandwiches,
and two white bread and jam; a little round cake; a pear.

2. Two chopped ham sandwiches, two with whole wheat bread
and peanut-butter; a piece of gingerbread; a peach.

3. Two whole wheat-bread and chopped egg sandwiches with
French dressing; two crackers spread with jam; three thin
slices of cold meat, salted; a cup custard; an apple.

4. Two whole wheat sandwiches spread with chopped celery and
French dressing, two of white bread and sardines; three
gingersnaps; three figs.

5. Three sandwiches of white bread filled with cooked oysters,
chopped fine, one of whole wheat with orange marmalade; a few
pieces of celery, salted, a spice cake; a handful of nuts.

6. Four sandwiches, two of minced chicken moistened with cream,
two of whole wheat and chopped olives; a little jar of apple-sauce;

7. Two date sandwiches, two of chopped cold meat; sugar cookies;
three olives; an orange.

8. Two fig sandwiches, two whole wheat with chopped celery and
French dressing; a devilled egg; a little scalloped cake; an apple.

9. Three lettuce sandwiches, one with brown sugar and butter;
three tiny sweet pickles; ginger cookies; fresh plums.


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