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Cook this just as you did the rice, drying it in the oven; serve one morning plain, as cereal, with cream, and then next morning fried, with maple syrup, after the rest of the meal.

Fried hominy is always nice to put around a dish of fried chicken or roast game, and it looks especially well if, instead of being sliced, it is cut out into fancy shapes with a cooky-cutter.

After Margaret had learned to cook all kinds of cereals, she went on to the next thing in her cook-book -  Eggs



Definition of:
Hulled corn with the germ removed and served either ground or whole. The pioneers in North America prepared it by soaking the kernels in weak wood lye until the hulls floated to the top. Hominy is boiled until tender and served as a vegetable. Hominy grits (hominy ground into small grains) are boiled and served as a vegetable or as a cereal, or they may be shaped into patties and fried; they are especially popular in the S United States. Samp is a type of coarse hominy.



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