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Cream Candy

Cream Made from Confectioners' Sugar

Take the white of one egg, and measure just as much cold water; mix the two well, and stir stiff with confectioners' sugar; add a little flavoring, vanilla, or almond, or pistache, and, for some candies, color with a tiny speck of fruit paste. 

This is the beginning of all sorts of cream candy.

Candy Potatoes

Make the plain white candy just given, and to it add a tablespoonful of cocoanut, and flavor with vanilla.

Make into little balls, rather long then round, and with a fork put eyes in them like potato eyes. Roll in cinnamon.

These candies are very quickly made, and are excellent for little girls' parties.

Chocolate Creams

Make the cream candy into balls, melt three squares of Baker's chocolate; put a ball on a little skewer or a fork, and dip into the chocolate and lay on buttered paper.

Nut Candy

Chop a cup of almonds and mix with the cream candy; make into bars, and when cold cut in slices.

Walnut Creams

Press two walnut halves on small balls of cream candy, one on either side.

Creamed Dates

Wash, wipe, and open the dates; remove the stones and put a small ball of cream candy into each one.

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